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We have more than ten years is a source manufacturer in plastic injection mold manufacture experience, the use of advanced processing equipment, can achieve accuracy of plus or minus 0.01 mm, mould service life can reach 1 million times, we are the byd's secondary manufacturing supplier, we have successfully open multiple market in Europe, according to the customer's requirements for customization, free for the customer to provide the best quality,  Save more cost for customers .

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Office chair chassis plastic mould

Office chair chassis plastic mould product is a kind of plastic mould used to manufacture the chassis of office chairs. The chassis is an important part of the office chair, used to support the overall structure of the chair and provide stability. Plastic mould is a tool for manufacturing plastic products, it injects plastic material into the mould through plastic injection process, and after heating and cooling, it forms the desired shape of the chassis. The plastic mould products for office chair chassis have the following characteristics and advantages: 1. High precision: The mould manufacturing process adopts advanced CNC machining technology, which can guarantee the precise size and shape of the chassis. 2. Durability: The moulds are made of high strength materials, which have a long service life. 3. Fast production: Plastic injection moulding process can realize mass production and improve production efficiency. 4. Customizability: According to customers' needs and requirements, chassis moulds of different shapes and sizes can be customized. 5. Cost-effectiveness: the manufacturing cost of plastic moulds is relatively low, which can reduce the production cost of products. Office chair chassis plastic mould products have wide application in office furniture manufacturing industry. They can meet the needs of different customers, provide stable and durable chassis structure, and improve the comfort and service life of office chairs.

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