What role does the die play in the die-casting process?

Mon Mar 20 22:52:55 CST 2023

The important role played by die casting moulds in the die casting production process is to

① determining the accuracy of the shape and dimensions of the casting.

② the defined gate system (especially the position of the gate) determines the filling conditions of the molten metal.Automotive Die Casting Products

③ the defined overflow system influences the filling conditions of the molten metal.

④ the strength of the mould limits the maximum pressure of the press injection ratio

⑤ affecting the efficiency of the operation.

(vi) control and regulation of the heat balance of the die casting process.

(vii) the quality of the casting when it is taken out (e.g. deformation, etc.).

⑧ The quality of the mould forming surface affects both the quality of the casting and the paint spraying cycle, and the ease of taking out the casting.

This shows that; the shape and accuracy of the casting, surface requirements and internal quality, the smoothness of the production operation, etc., is often directly related to the quality of the die-casting mould design and manufacturing quality. What's more is that after the mould design and manufacture, the extent to which it can be modified again is not great, and the relationship between the above-mentioned role and the quality of the casting is relatively fixed. This is the reason why the design and manufacture of moulds must be based on the requirements of the die-casting process. Therefore, in a way, die-casting mold and die-casting process, production operations exist extremely close and mutual constraints, mutual influence of the special relationship. Among them, die-casting mould design, in essence, is to the production process may appear in the various factors of the expected comprehensive reflection. Therefore, in the design process, must through the analysis of the casting structure, familiar with the operation process, understand the process parameters can be implemented to the extent possible, master the filling conditions in different cases and take into account the impact on the economic effect and so on steps, in order to design a reasonable, practical and can meet the production requirements of die-casting die.