What is the discharge referred to in the mould?

Wed Mar 08 15:36:35 CST 2023

Electrical discharge machining is an indispensable process in modern mould and die manufacturing, together with grinding machines, milling machines, and other machines. Milling machine. lathe. Wire cutting, etc. has the same position.

The processing principle of electric discharge.

1. From the macroscopic description of words: the principle of electrical discharge processing is through the infinite close but not in contact with the positive and negative charged body (i.e. electrode and workpiece), in the role of insulating liquid, the process of electrical energy into heat (instant 10000 degrees or so), so as to achieve the purpose of corrosion processing object molding.

2. From a microscopic point of view: the processing principle of electrical discharge is to produce a strong electric field through the mechanical control of the negative electrode, which is infinitely close, but does not touch the positively charged workpiece. This generates a stream of electrons which impact on the peripheral electrons of the insulating fluid particles, causing their electron numbers to increase substantially in the form of pyramids, which then bombard the atomic particles on the surface of the workpiece with extremely high acceleration and velocity.