What is the difference between slider, inclined top and extractor in injection molding tool?

Wed May 10 22:01:41 CST 2023

1、Different functions

Core extraction is also called wire drawing in the manufacturing process of optical fiber. Drawing is the process of making the fiber optic preform into a standard fiber.

Slider is a mold component that can slide in the mold opening and closing direction or at a certain angle to the opening and closing direction. Sliders are used when the structure of the product is such that the mold cannot be released properly without the use of sliders.

Mold slanting top, also known as slanting tip, slanting top is the usual term in the mold industry in the Pearl River Delta region, mainly in Hong Kong-funded mold factories, is the mechanism used to shape the internal barbs of the product in the mold design, applicable to the relatively simple barb situation.

2、The role is different

The specific process of core extraction is as follows. Under the control of the speed control system, the fiber optic prefabricated rod is slowly fed into the high temperature furnace. The temperature field in the furnace is pre-designed to be distributed in a longitudinal gradient. The furnace temperature is monitored by a measuring instrument and fed back to the temperature control equipment to achieve constant temperature.Lamp cover injection mold

The slider itself has the appropriate hardness and wear resistance to withstand the friction of the movement. The hardness of the cavity or core part of the slider should be of the same level as the rest of the cavity and core.

The slanting tip should be as large as possible when calculating the opening angle, and the angle should not exceed 10° as a principle. Another need to consider the oblique tip of the mold opening backward stroke may drive the finished product offset, so L should take the finished product 4/5H, part of the mold 4/5A, A ° may be more than 10 °, then take 10 ° and then the ejector pin projection out of the public mold surface 0.5-1mm, as a positioning role.

3、Different applications

The end of the extracted core prefabricated rod softens at 2000 degrees Celsius, the viscosity decreases, and it shrinks rapidly and becomes thin under its surface tension, and is pulled into fine wire by the take-up wheel with suitable tension.

As a common mechanism in machinery, the crank slider mechanism is mainly used to convert continuous rotation to reciprocating movement or reciprocating movement to continuous rotation, and is widely used in machinery such as automatic feeding mechanisms, punching machines and internal combustion engines.

The large inclined tilt tip should be designed to prevent the possible swinging force when the forward tilt and the left and right ejections are uneven during the ejections. Therefore, it is better to set T-slot and _tail slot.