What is a mechanical seal failure in precision hardware machining?

Fri Mar 31 23:25:12 CST 2023

Precision hardware parts processing is based on the production needs of the open material, after the open material, can be through the punching machine, gong cutting or CNC processing to produce some small accessories.

Engaged in precision hardware parts processing industry basically understand what is mechanical seal, in fact, we often call it end seal, this type of seal is mainly used for easy leakage of axial seal to more difficult to leak end seal, in fact, simply put is the shaft sealing device of rotating machinery. Under the action of liquid pressure and compensation mechanism elasticity (or magnetic force), with the cooperation of auxiliary seal, mechanical seal is a device to prevent fluid leakage by at least a pair of end faces perpendicular to the rotating shaft, keeping a close combination and relative sliding, it is widely used for sealing the rotating shaft of pumps, kettles, compressors and other similar equipment.Precision hardware fittings

The machining of precision hardware acts to seal the gap between the moving ring and the shaft, and the gap between the static ring and the gland. At the same time, the elastic element acts as a cushion against vibrations and shocks of the pump. The pressure generated by the elastic element enables the pump to keep the end face together even when it is not working, ensuring that the sealing medium does not leak out and preventing impurities from entering the sealing end face.

Mechanical seal in the processing of precision hardware parts is usually composed of moving ring, static ring, compression element and sealing element, of which the moving ring and static ring are closely matched to form the sealing surface, moving ring rotates with the pump shaft to prevent the leakage of media. Under the pressure of the liquid in the sealing chamber, the moving ring is pressed against the end face of the static ring. And in the two rings of the end surface to produce the appropriate pressure ratio, maintain a very thin layer of liquid film and achieve the purpose of sealing.

The normal operation of the mechanical parts seal and its own performance, external conditions have a great relationship, in actual operation, mechanical seal is combined with other parts of the pump to run, but we must first ensure the processing performance of its own precision hardware parts, auxiliary sealing device installation technology requirements, so that the mechanical seal to play its due role.

The vibration of the mechanical seal, precision hardware parts processing in the heat and other faults, will make the equipment rotate when the end face of the static and dynamic ring rough, static and dynamic ring and seal cavity clearance is too small, due to oscillation and collision, thus causing vibration. Sometimes, due to corrosion and poor heat resistance of the seal end face, or insufficient cooling or end face in the installation of particles of impurities, will also cause vibration and heating of the mechanical seal. Part failure occurs during the operation of rotating equipment and the seal end face is often affected by wear, thermal cracking, deformation, damage, etc. Springs can also relax, fracture and corrode after prolonged use and auxiliary seals can fracture, twist, distort and break.