What is a CNC lathe?

Mon Mar 13 14:57:13 CST 2023

CNC lathe is one of the more widely used CNC machine tools. It is mainly used for cutting and processing internal and external cylindrical surfaces of shaft parts or disk parts, internal and external conical surfaces of any taper angle, complex rotary internal and external surfaces and cylindrical and conical threads, etc. It can also carry out grooving, drilling, reaming, reaming and boring, etc.CNC lathes

CNC machine tools are in accordance with the pre-programmed processing procedures, automatically on the parts to be machined. We put the parts of the processing process route, process parameters, tool trajectory, displacement, cutting parameters and auxiliary functions, in accordance with the CNC machine tool command code and program format into a processing program, and then the contents of this program sheet recorded on the control medium, and then input to the CNC machine tool CNC device, thus commanding the machine tool to process the parts.

Since the introduction of CNC lathes in the fifties, due to the single-piece production, small batch production, the use of CNC lathes to process complex-shaped parts, not only to improve labour productivity and processing quality, but also to shorten the production preparation cycle and reduce the technical proficiency of workers required. Therefore, it has become an important development direction for technical innovation and technological revolution in single-piece and small batch production. Countries all over the world are also making great efforts to develop this new technology.