What is EDM milling technology?

Fri Mar 03 14:43:30 CST 2023

    From the point of view of foreign electric processing machine tools, regardless of performance, process indicators, intelligence, automation have reached a fairly high level, the new trend abroad is to carry out EDM milling technology (EDM create processing technology) research and development, which is an alternative to the traditional processing of cavities with forming electrodes, it is a simple tubular electrode with high speed rotation for three-dimensional or two-dimensional profile processing (like This is clearly a major development in the field of EDM, as it eliminates the need to manufacture complex forming electrodes.

Japan's Mitsubishi has introduced another development with the EDSCAN 8E EDM Genesis machine. The machine is capable of automatic compensation for electrode loss, and a dedicated CAM system has been developed for the machine on Windows 95, which can be linked to common CAD such as AutoCAD, and can carry out online accuracy measurements to ensure that high precision machining is achieved. The CAM system also enables simulation of the machining in order to confirm that there are no abnormalities or defects in the machined shape.

As EDM technology advances, the safety and protection of EDM is becoming more and more important, and many EDM machines are considering safety and protection technology. The European Community has stipulated that machine tools without the "CE" mark cannot enter the European Community market, while the international market is also paying more and more attention to the safety and protection technology requirements.

The main problem of EDM machine tools is the radiation nuisance, because it has a greater impact on safety, environmental protection, in the international market more and more attention to "green" products, as the leading equipment for mould processing EDM machine tools "green" product technology, will is a problem that must be solved in the future.