What does a precision tooling factory typically do?

Mon Apr 03 22:04:41 CST 2023

Precision mould processing factory is generally to various industries to do the production of precision products to do supporting suppliers, precision moulds are mainly involved in some industries are also high requirements for product precision, such as mobile phones, medical devices, instruments, automobiles, a variety of instruments, connectors, we usually use the product, the use of precision mould processing too much. Some products are a certain precision accessories need to be used.Precision moulds

In addition to the mould itself, it also needs mould base, mould frame, mould core leading to the ejection device of the parts, etc. These parts are generally made into a general type. Mould enterprises need to be bigger and more refined, according to market demand, and technology, capital, equipment and other conditions.

Determine the product positioning and market positioning, these practices are particularly worthy of small mold enterprises to learn and learn from, focus on the gradual formation of their own technical advantages and product advantages. Therefore, China's mold enterprises must actively strive to learn from the experience of these advanced foreign enterprises, in order to its future better development.

According to the different materials molded:

Hardware moulds, plastic moulds, and their special moulds

Hardware moulds are divided into: including stamping moulds (such as punching moulds, bending moulds, deep-drawing moulds, hole-flipping moulds, shrinkage moulds, heaving moulds, expansion moulds, plastic moulds, etc.), forging moulds (such as die forging moulds, upsetting moulds, etc.), extrusion moulds, extrusion moulds, die-casting moulds, forging moulds, etc.