What are the uses of plastic mould making books?

Wed Mar 29 00:36:56 CST 2023

With the development of China's mould industry, mould manufacturing has undergone a major change. In order to better meet the needs of vocational education teaching reform and social development, the editor has prepared this book under the careful guidance of industry and enterprise experts and curriculum development experts, combined with the job requirements and work reality of plastic mould makers.

1. Guiding Ideas

This book adopts the new vocational education curriculum concept of "project-based teaching" and "work process-based", strives to establish a teaching mode with tasks as the core, activities as the carrier and work process as the orientation, and guides teachers in The course aims to establish a task-centred, activity-based and work process-oriented teaching model, guiding teachers to "teach by doing, teach by doing" and students to "learn by doing, learn by doing", downplaying theory, strengthening application, focusing on the improvement of operational skills and the cultivation of vocational skills, so that students can learn easily and practically.

2. Content organisation

This book selects the basic theories and tasks that are useful to students for life, highlighting the practicality and novelty. At the same time, the standard operation, 7S management, good behaviour and so on are integrated into it, guiding teachers to "teach in a standard way in doing" and students to "do in a standard way in learning".

3. Allocation of hours

The reference hours for the whole book are 188 hours.Plastic mould making book

This book is written according to the job requirements of plastic mould maker, in accordance with the task-driven mode of integration of science and practice. The book to a set of typical power button plastic mould manufacturing as a carrier, respectively from the plastic mould structure, plastic mould standard parts of the purchase, core EDM, core cavity of the three coordinate inspection, as well as the plastic mould assembly, debugging, mold testing five aspects to write. The book starts from the actual production, highlighting the practicality, the content is easy to understand.

This book can be used as a textbook for secondary vocational schools in mould making technology and related professions, and also as a reference book for relevant practitioners.