What are the types of aluminum alloy die-casting machines

Mon Jan 09 14:12:32 CST 2023

Die casting machines are generally divided into two main categories: hot chamber die casting machines and cold chamber die casting machines.

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The cold chamber die casting machine is divided into two categories. Cold chamber die casting machine according to its chamber structure and arrangement is divided into horizontal

type die-casting machine and vertical die-casting machine (including all-vertical die-casting machine) two Hot chamber die-casting machine (referred to as hot air die-casting machine) pressure chamber immersed in the heat preservation and melting crucible of liquid metal. in the liquid metal of the insulated crucible, the injection part is not directly connected to the machine base The injection part is not directly connected to the machine base, but is mounted on top of the crucible. The advantage of this die-casting machine is that the production process is simple and efficient.The advantages of this type of die casting machine are simple production procedure, high efficiency, low metal consumption and stable process. However, the press chamber

However, the die chamber and the injection punch are immersed in liquid metal for a long time, which affects the service life.It also tends to increase the iron content of the alloy. Hot press chamber die casting machine is mostly used forin die-casting zinc alloy and other low melting point alloy castings, but also for die-casting Small aluminum, magnesium alloy die castings.

The cold chamber die casting machine is separate from the holding furnace. During die casting, the liquid metal is poured from the

The liquid metal from the holding furnace is poured into the chamber and then die-cast.