What are the production characteristics of plastic moulds?

Sun Mar 05 21:24:13 CST 2023

Plastic mould parts have many varieties, complex shapes, high precision requirements, high material hardness, many processes and short processing cycle requirements. Therefore, plastic moulds are difficult to produce and manufacture. Its production and manufacturing process has the following characteristics.

(1) plastic mould manufacturing is a single piece, multi-variety production

Each pair of plastic moulds can only produce a particular product, moulds are generally not universal.

(2) customers require short production cycle of moulds

Due to the new product updates and market competition, customers will require a short production cycle of moulds.

(3) Plastic mould production of complete sets

When a part needs multiple moulds to process, the moulds are often interlinked with each other. Only the overall parts qualified, the series of moulds are considered qualified.

(4) plastic mould manufacturing equipment advanced

Plastic mould precision requirements, mould processing accuracy depends on the accuracy of machine tools, processing technology, measurement means, etc.. Moulds are widely used CNC machine tools processing, three coordinate measurement and other equipment for processing accuracy control. Plastic mould manufacturing commonly used finishing equipment are CNC milling machine, machining centre, wire cutting machine tools, slow wire cutting machine tools, EDM forming machine tools, CNC forming grinder, etc.

(5) plastic mould manufacturing process

In the general machine processing, in order to reduce the difficulty of processing, to ensure that the relevant parts of the assembly relationship, more often using the "actual method" and "with the boring method" processing, which reduces the interchangeability of parts.

(6) plastic mould manufacturing process arrangement tight play

In the manufacturing process arrangement, the process is relatively concentrated, in order to ensure the quality and progress of plastic mold processing, simplify management, reduce the process turnaround time.

(7) plastic mould manufacturing and processing methods are unique

Mold work parts shape complex, high material hardness, the process needs to arrange heat treatment, commonly used CNC machining and special processing.