What are the plastic mold structure parts in general

Fri Dec 16 01:50:01 CST 2022

Plastic mold structure parts


The structure of blow molding mold, casting mold and thermoforming mold is relatively simple.Compression mold, injection mold and transfer mold structure is more complex, constitute this kind of The parts of these molds are also more.

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The basic parts are:

①Molding parts, including concave mold, convex mold, various molding cores, are The inner and outer surfaces of the molded products or the upper and lower ends, side holes, side recesses and threaded parts.

② support fixed parts, including the mold base plate, fixed plate, support plate, the pad, etc., to fix the mold or support pressure.

③ guide parts, including guide pillars and guide bushings, to determine the mold or push

(3) guide parts, including guide pillar and guide sleeve, to determine the relative position of the mold or push out mechanism movement.

④Core extraction parts, including tilt pins, sliders, etc., are used when the mold is opened to pull out the movable core to release the product from the mold.

⑤ Push out parts, including push rod, push tube, push block, push piece plate, push piece ring, push rod fixing plate, push piece ring, push piece fixing plate, push piece ring.

⑤ Push out parts, including push rod, push tube, push block, push piece plate, push piece ring, push rod fixing plate, push plate, etc., used to make the products release from the mold. Injection,Most of the injection molds promote the use of standard mold frame, which is made of structure, shape and size have been standardized and series.This kind of mold frame is made up of basic parts whose structure, shape and size have been standardized and serialized.The mold cavity can be processed by itself according to the shape of the product. Adopting standard,mold holder is good for shortening the mold making cycle.

2、Commonly used mold base parts role

Fixed mold base plate (panel): to fix the front mold on the injection molding machine.Runner plate (spout plate): remove the waste shank when opening the mold, so that it automatically

The runner plate (spout plate): removes the scrap shank when the mold is opened and makes it fall off automatically (three-plate mold).Fixing plate (A plate): the front part of the mold.

The fixed plate of moving die (B plate): the back part of the molded products.Pad: the foot of the mold, its role is to let the top plate have enough space to move.Push plate:pushing out parts such as top bar, top block and slant top when opening the mold to push product from the mold.The movable mold base plate (bottom plate): fixes the rear mold to the injection molding machine.Guide pillar and guide bush: play the role of guiding and positioning, assist the front and rear mold opening, and and basic positioning.Support column (head): to improve the strength of the B-plate, and effectively avoid the deformation of the B-plate caused by long-term production.Top plate guide pillar (middle toast): guide and position the push plate to ensure smooth ejection.smoothly.