What are the kitchen and bathroom hardware fittings?

Sat Apr 08 15:07:31 CST 2023

When it comes to home renovation, many people first think of plumbing, paint, emulsion, furniture, electrical appliances and so on and so forth, but ignore the existence of all kinds of hardware accessories. In fact, home decoration must be used hardware, and like hardware such as small accessories is also a key part of the decision to decorate good or bad, but also need to spend your home decoration owners friends to select and buy.Kitchen and bathroom hardware

Hardware is divided into many types, above these are considered to be the decoration hardware category, followed by the top ten brands of hardware I think it is necessary to share with you other types of hardware accessories!

Decoration nails: grain nails, steel row nails, code nails, cement steel nails, wood screws, twist nails, spelling nails, self-tapping screws, shooting nails, staples, bolts, straight nails, round nails, floor nails, etc.

Nails shopping tips: choose to use the length of the nail should be nailed workpiece thickness of 2.5 to 3 times.

Door locks: security door locks, access locks, bathroom locks, bedroom locks, portal locks, etc.

Door lock selection skills: to choose a brand with quality assurance, look at the lock material, surface treatment, door opening direction, function, thickness.

Kitchen hardware: basins, faucets, pull-out baskets, slides, hinges, hooks, separating basins, shelves, etc.

Kitchen hardware selection tips: look at the material, choose copper; look at the inner, choose solid; look at the coating, be smooth

Bathroom hardware: shower, drain, floor drain, pipe joint, triangle valve, hose, towel rack, coat hook, shelf, soap dish, etc.

Bathroom hardware selection skills: first of all, ask the material, good hardware is generally chrome-plated with environmentally friendly copper; secondly, look at the surface treatment, smooth plating, and bright and uniform luster; then look at the logo and packaging, laser marking, clear and neat, the manufacturer is clearer, the trademark is eye-catching; finally weighing, the heavier weight is often denser material, thicker pipe, more durable, not easy to deform.

Door and window hardware: locks, handles, braces, leaves, hinges, closers, handles, pins, window hooks, security chains, door suction, tracks, etc.

Door and window hardware selection skills: it is advisable to select locks with good flexibility; select locks with good performance in appearance; see whether there are defects in appearance, how lustrous the plating is and whether it feels smooth; select hinges, slides and locks with good sealing performance.

Furniture hardware: three-in-one connectors, screws, rivets, hinges, slides, etc.

Furniture hardware selection tips: three-in-one connection, tight and solid connection; can be disassembled and installed many times; relatively hidden, not visible from the outside surface;

Plumbing hardware: spigots, showers, downpours, commode fittings, women's wash fittings, jet wash massage bathtub fittings, valves, pipe connections, valves, etc.

Plumbing hardware selection skills: pure copper casting products tend to be tightly structured, strong and durable; no blistering on the surface, uniform plating; beautiful appearance, good performance, and excellent feel, uniform and smooth and flawless.