What are the key steps in mould production?

Fri Mar 24 15:12:04 CST 2023

Modern industry is developing rapidly, basically using computers for design and processing, and its accuracy can be guaranteed at 0.002~0.01. There is a vast and boundless world of mould design work. If you can use the computer for auxiliary design, then your opponents, invariably, will fall behind you. Commonly used mould design software are AUTOCAD Pro/E UG SW CImatron, mishiong and so on.Mobile phone moulds

Design is a key step in the production of moulds, the initial link in the production, control the whole process of mould production, so the design also has a great impact on the service life of the mould, design mainly from the following two aspects affect the service life of stamping moulds.

(1) The precision of the die's guiding mechanism. Accurate and reliable guidance has a great impact on reducing the wear and tear of the working parts of the die and avoiding the gnawing of convex and concave dies, especially for clearance-free and small clearance punching dies, compound dies and multi-station progressive dies. In order to improve the life of the mould, the design must be based on the nature of the process and the accuracy of the parts and other requirements, the correct choice of guide form and determine the accuracy of the guide mechanism.

(2) Mould (convex and concave moulds) edge geometry parameters. The shape, clearance and corner radius of the convex and concave dies have a great influence not only on the forming of the stamped parts, but also on the wear and life of the die. For example, the clearance of the die directly affects the quality of the punched part and the life of the die. For high precision requirements, a smaller clearance value is appropriate in the design; conversely, the clearance can be increased to improve the die life.