What are the job prospects for mould design and manufacturing?

Fri Apr 28 22:08:35 CST 2023

 At present, mold enterprises around China generally encountered the problem of talent shortage, talent shortage has become a bottleneck that restricts the further improvement of mold technology level, mold industry further development.

China's mold talent is still far from the industry's development needs, mainly in the total number of inadequate and lack of high-level technical personnel and other aspects, especially the shortage of excellent debugging workers and mold developers. Graduates are hardly worried about finding a job. Mould industry involves a wide range of industries, such as metal products manufacturing, plastic products manufacturing, rubber products manufacturing, ceramic products manufacturing, glass products manufacturing and various packaging products. The salary of mould talents has risen. Because many enterprises are difficult to recruit skilled senior technicians, resulting in the salary of these talents have a rising trend, such as professional mold design talent general monthly salary of 3,000 yuan, CNC machining talent monthly salary of about 3,500 yuan, familiar with the design, processing, modeling the entire operation process of senior workers monthly salary of 5,000 yuan or more, and which is better skills of talent monthly salary of more than 10,000 yuan is not uncommon. According to the person in charge, mold students have not finished, there are many companies vying for booking, in advance to negotiate with the students well. So far, the lowest monthly salary offered by enterprises for 3000 yuan, the past on the mold industry work experience students, many were hired away by enterprises with an annual salary of 100,000 yuan Dongguan senior mold talent annual salary of 100,000. The latest news from the Dongguan talent market said, Dongguan City is currently at least 3,000 senior mold talent shortage, a have been professionally trained in PRO / E, UG and other aspects of the work experience of mold design, mold manufacturing technicians, the annual salary is often more than 100,000 yuan. According to reports, with the Dongguan manufacturing city to build, the demand for mold talent is growing, the existing mold design and CNC technology talent is far from meeting the needs of the Dongguan manufacturing industry. Mold design, mold development, mold maintenance, CAM/CNC engineer, CNC programming, CNC machining, etc. has become one of the highest frequency of recruitment positions in the Dongguan job marketMould 3D design drawings

At the same time, mould technology integrates design, manufacturing, product modelling and software application, and the use of advanced manufacturing technology. It is not difficult to see that the employment of mould design and manufacturing is very wide and the social demand is great. Graduates of this major can work in machinery manufacturing, mould manufacturing, electromechanical product development and other enterprises in the machinery industry, engaged in mould design, product development, CNC programming, project management, CNC machine tool operation and other work. The most shortage of several talents include: with product development quality of 3D modeling engineer; with product processing quality of CAE analysis engineer; with certain theoretical knowledge of mold clampers, technicians; CNC machining centre of senior programmer, senior technician; familiar with the mold manufacturing process design engineer; in addition to plastic mold, stamping mold, die-casting mold, extrusion mold and other areas of expertise. Expert analysis that China's current mold talent training to meet the needs of the rapid development of the mold industry: China's secondary education to train out the machinery and equipment operators, often do not have the ability to mold design, programming; and colleges and universities to train students with high theoretical level, but due to the limitations of hardware and software facilities, the actual skills are not enough to meet the actual needs of mold enterprises. In addition, mould industry talents need to accumulate experience, general mould design learning needs 2-3 years, and a can independently design mould of excellent designers to have about 10 years of experience in the industry, for the beginners just started is boring and hard, often halfway, resulting in a serious shortage of technical personnel.