What are the best materials for aluminum die casting molds and aluminum alloy casting molds?

Thu Jan 05 22:41:14 CST 2023

What are the best materials for aluminum die casting molds and aluminum alloy casting molds?

The working conditions of aluminum die casting molds are different from those of other molds in that they generally have to work at about 500 degrees Celsius and are subject to high pressure and high temperature. Therefore, there are certain requirements for the selection of the steel used in the die casting of aluminum alloy dies.

1. Excellent cutting properties

Most of the aluminum die-casting dies require some cutting and repair work in addition to CNC machine tool work. In order to prolong the life of the cutting tool, enhance the cutting performance, and reduce the surface roughness, the hardness of the steel used in the plastic mold must be appropriate so as not to cause excessive consumption of the tool for the aluminum die-casting factory.

2、 good thermal stability

The shape of the parts of aluminum die-casting dies is often more complex and difficult to be added after quenching, so good thermal stability should be used as much as possible. After the heat treatment of aluminum alloy die casting dies, the coefficient of linear expansion is small, the heat treatment deformation is small, the rate of change in size due to temperature differences is small, and the metal structure and mold size are stable.

3、Good polishing performance

High-quality aluminum alloy die casting requires a small surface roughness of the cavity. Therefore, the aluminum die casting factory must polish the cavities to reduce the surface roughness. For this reason, the steel used must have few impurities, be finely organized, have no fiber orientation, and should not be polished with a point or orange peel defect.

4. Adequate surface hardness and wear resistance

The heat-treated mold should have sufficient surface hardness to ensure sufficient stiffness of the mold. During the work of the mold, the filling and flow of the aluminum metal alloy liquid have to bear large pressure and friction, so the mold is required to maintain the stability of the shape and size accuracy to ensure the adequate service life of the mold.