What are the basics of plastic moulds and injection moulds?

Sat Mar 04 16:47:46 CST 2023

The innovation of plastic mould processing technology, the wide application of various new mould materials, the standardisation and specialisation of mould parts, force us to speed up the design speed and adapt to the development of moulds.

The improvement of speed requires the design section to be completed in about 3 days; the improvement of precision of plastic mould requires the processing method of each part to be clearly considered during the design process, and the processing method with high precision and low processing cost should be adopted as far as possible. Accuracy and speed improvement is consistent. The improvement of speed necessarily requires the improvement of precision; the improvement of precision necessarily leads to the improvement of speed.

1. Structural system: formwork, support columns, limit columns, etc.

2. Forming system: female mould core, male mould core, inserts, etc.

3. Pouring system: main flow channel, branch flow channel, sprue, cold slag well, etc.

4. Guiding and positioning system: guide pillar, guide bush, zero degree precision positioning, taper precision positioning, etc.

5. Ejector system: ejector pin, cylinder pin, push plate, air ejector, thread ejector, compound ejector, etc.

6. Temperature control system: water channels, water towers, nozzles, etc.

7. Exhaust system: parting surface exhaust, block exhaust, ejector pin exhaust, steel exhaust, etc.

8. Core extraction system: front mould core extraction, rear core extraction, inclined top, etc.

9. Standard parts system: screws, sleeves, waterproof rings, etc.

10. Safety reset system: micro switch, forced reset, etc.