What are the advantages of CNC machining of precision hardware?

Sat Apr 01 15:01:58 CST 2023

CNC machining of precision hardware shafts with high precision and stable machining quality. And we have ultra-high machining accuracy with more stable machining quality. The fields we process now cover precision parts in automotive and automation equipment, etc. The precision requirements of some parts are strictly controlled to 0.005~0.01mm and are favoured by many companies!CNC precision hardware machining The linkage of multiple coordinates can be carried out, and can process parts with complex shapes. When the CNC machining of precision hardware parts is changed, generally only the CNC program needs to be changed, which can save production preparation time. We have a dedicated CNC program memory for precision technology, so you can save time when changing parts! The high precision and rigidity of the machine itself allows you to choose a favourable processing dosage and high productivity, generally 3 to 5 times more than ordinary machines. In general, CNC precision machining using short cutting tools is the main feature of precision hardware parts. Short tools will significantly reduce tool misalignment, resulting in good surface quality, avoiding rework, reducing the amount of weld used and shortening the EDM machining time. When considering five-axis machining, it is important to consider that the goal of using five-axis machining tools is to complete the entire workpiece with the shortest possible cutting tool, which also includes less programming, clamping and machining time yet results in a more perfect surface quality.

Precision hardware tools can make a significant contribution to machining and have advantages that are relevant to many manufacturing industries