What are mould standard parts?

Mon Apr 24 23:03:10 CST 2023

Mold standard parts are mold molding products produced according to China's mold standardization system including four categories of standards, namely: mold basic standards, mold process quality standards, mold parts standards and technical standards related to mold production.

Mould standards can also be divided into ten categories according to the main classification of moulds, such as stamping mould standards, plastic injection mould standards, die-casting mould standards, forging mould standards, fastener cold heading mould standards, wire drawing mould standards, cold extrusion mould standards, rubber mould standards, glass products mould and automobile punching mould standards. China has more than 50 mold standards more than 300 standard number and automobile punching mold parts in 14 kinds of general device and 244 varieties, a total of 363 standards. The development of these standards and publicity and implementation, to improve the standardization of China's mold degree and level.Printer moulds

Mold standard parts are an important part of the mold, is the foundation of the mold. It is to shorten the mold design and manufacturing cycle, reduce the cost of mold production, improve the quality of mold have very important technical and economic significance. The experience of foreign industrial developed countries proves that the professional production and commercialization of mould standard parts supply, greatly promote the development of the mould industry. According to foreign information, widely used standard parts can shorten the design and manufacturing cycle up to 25-40%; can save due to the user's own standard parts caused by social work hours, reduce the waste of raw materials and energy; can lay the foundation for the application of modern technology such as mold CAD/CAM; can significantly improve the manufacturing accuracy and performance of the mold. Usually the use of professional production of standard parts than homemade standard parts of its fit accuracy and position accuracy will at least improve an order of magnitude, and can ensure interchangeability, improve the service life of the mold, and then promote the industry's internal economic system, business mechanism and industrial structure and production management reform, the realization of professional and large-scale production, and drive the formation and development of the mold standard parts of the commodity market. It can be said that without the specialisation and commercialisation of mould standard parts, there is no modernisation of the mould industry.