The world's top precision mold manufacturers, you know how many

Tue Dec 06 23:32:42 CST 2022

1.Plastisud, France.

PLASTISUD is the world's leading supplier of high performance, high precision and high cavity molds for fast, high performance and high cavity molds for applications such as beverage caps, medical components (e.g. Petri dishes, actuators and aerosols) and packaging (e.g. thin wall containers and in-mold labeling applications). PLASTISUD is the only company that can produce 144-cavity cap molds for commercial applications, with 144-cavity 29/25 mineral water cap molds running in customer plants with a cycle time of 2.8s and a capacity of about 3,000 caps/min. 144-cavity molds for CSD applications produce 2.8g 1810 caps with a cycle time of 4.5s and a capacity of 1,920 caps/mi

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2. FOBOHA, Germany.

FOBOHA is located in Haslach, Germany, the company has a history of more than 30 years, FOBOHA has factories in Switzerland, Suzhou, China. 1977 started the multi-component mold project, 1994 developed its own valve pin hot runner system, 1996 started the introduction of rotary stack mold technology (2x180°), 1998 developed tetrahedral mold technology (4x90 °), and in 2004 with the double tetrahedral mold technology, becoming one of the world's largest manufacturers of rotary stack molds thanks to the early development of multi-component technology and the subsequent advancement of that technology in terms of multiple cavities.


Kebo was founded in 1979 and still develops its own hot runners for its multi-cavity high quality molds. 80% of the company's business is focused on medical consumables and medical related molds and 20% on packaging molds, and its core hot runner technology allows it to achieve more compact mold designs. Flexible spare parts replacement, with 100% replaceable mold and hot runner components.precision mold manufacturers

4.FOSTAG, Switzerland.

The Swiss mold manufacturer FOSTAG is known worldwide for its thin-wall technology and blood collection technology. In the last few years, it has acquired know-how in the field of various in-mold labeling (IML - In Mould Labeling). The efficiency of FOSTAG molds lies in fast cycle times and long service life.

5.Braunform, Germany.

Braunform is a typical German family company, founded in 1977, with more than 300 employees in Germany. The business is divided into two main segments, mold production and injection molding. The molds are mainly for the automotive industry, the personal care industry and the medical industry. Braunform has a series of advanced and high end automation units such as DIGMA high speed precision milling machining center, +GF+ Cut 3000 precision wire cutting including EROWAa work piece exchange system to achieve continuous machining.

6.ZAHORANSKY, Germany.

ZAHORANSKY, Germany, founded in 1902, started producing molds in 1985, mainly in the personal care, packaging and medical industries. The main focus is on multi-component moulds, with an annual production capacity of 150 sets of moulds with 3,000 row cavities, of which 30% are two-component moulds, 30% are three-component moulds and 20% moulds with integrated automation system, which can produce up to seven-component moulds. In addition, rotary molds are also the molds that ZAHORANSKY focuses on developing.

7.SCHÖTTLI, Switzerland .

SCHÖTTLI is a Swiss global mold manufacturer that develops and produces high precision and efficient molds worldwide and specializes in the MED, CAP and PAC fields.

8.K.T.W., Austria

K.T.W. Austria, a leading manufacturer of cap molds, was acquired by Husky in 2011. KTW Molds offers innovative technical solutions including: multi-component technology, in-mold assembly and in-mold closure, cube, single-sided or stacked mold designs, and the unique EASYcube technology provides industry-leading reliability with flexibility and compatibility with similar specialty cap products.

9.Maenner Germany.

Maenner Germany was founded in 1965 and has more than 400 employees in Europe. With production sites in the United States, Switzerland and Germany, and sales and service in Japan, China, the United States and Europe, its main business is molds and hot runners, while the valve pin gate hot runner technology meets all types of injection molding processes and fields, and is known worldwide for its compact multi-cavity mold structure required for the production of miniature products, with high precision molds for high volume production with high requirements for product consistency. High-performance molds are manufactured for extreme durability, easy maintenance and optimal temperature control to ensure the shortest injection cycle times.

10.TANNER, Switzerland.

TANNER: the global leader in pipette tips

The TANNER 4/6/8 series modules are used by the automation equipment manufacturer HEKUMA. Tanner's high-performance injection molds are used worldwide to produce high-quality plastic products that stand out for their precision, stability and economy. Unique 4/6/8 series modules: The molds are extremely compact and easy to handle. While each cavity module is embedded with gate parts, the entire module can be installed and removed directly on the parting surface, while the module flower design allows for optimal cooling circuits.