The processing method of polishing hardware mold parts?

Fri May 26 22:38:58 CST 2023

The grinding and polishing of the hardware mold is a surface finishing process that has the effect of obtaining the desired dimensions and surface quality.

Open plum ratchet wrench polishing

1 heat treatment 2: put into the vibration grinding machine grinding polishing: model selection vibration grinding machine, put into the high alumina porcelain abrasive, preferably into the high-frequency porcelain abrasive, abrasive put into the machine 60-70%, put water to clean the machine abrasive three to five minutes, open the drain valve to be drained 90% of the water, close the valve, to be filled with water valve tube space to join the product, the amount of product placement and the size of the machine to decide, put into the product Then add the grinding cutting fluid, the first time to put the amount of product than the water ratio: 100KG: 3KG, when pouring into the grinding fluid, pay attention to try to pour along the surrounding, so that its grinding fluid in the machine evenly, grinding time of 120 minutes to 150 minutes, the product in the machine grinding to about 20 minutes the product will become black, this time you do not have to be surprised, this is the effect of drugs in the normal When the product is slowly changed from black to the color of the product itself, it is the time when the potion loses its function, the general potency of the potion is about 120 minutes, when the potion loses its effect, please open the valve, add water to clean the machine, clean the machine for 3-4 minutes, stop adding water when cleaning 50% clean, close the valve after the water leaks 90%, and add water to fill the space in the valve tube when the water is filled. Grinding cutting fluid, put the same amount as the first time, grinding products from black to white, please check the surface of the product steel grain and rough oxide layer there is no, the surface is not smooth, if it is not smooth enough, general product sanding 240 #.280 #.320 # after two grinding basic can, please repeat the same operation as the second time, at this time open the valve, add water to clean. The cleaning time should not be too long, about 3-4 minutes, to prevent the product from rusting in the machine, at this time you can pick up the product, put it in the anti-rust solution and soak it for 5-10 seconds and then take it out, you can send plating, the process of grinding and polishing is completed 3: anti-rust treatment 4: plating

Grinding and polishing of socket wrenches for hardware moldsHardware mold parts polishing treatment

The process of grinding and polishing of socket wrenches and cross wrenches, L-shaped wrenches is as follows: if the surface drawing is too deep, it should be flattened or sanded by lathe, polished by hexagonal wrench dowel, hexagonal, batch

Cutting agent

Cutting agent, abrasive, hand tool cutting agent, hardware tool cutting agent, hand tool polishing agent Traditional processing methods for hand tools (including various wrenches, batches, sockets, etc.) are not only time-consuming and labor-intensive, but also have high production costs; moreover, the surface finish is unstable and far from meeting the needs of users from all walks of life. The company introduced the vibration polishing process from Taiwan, which greatly improved the production efficiency, reduced the production cost, reduced the labor intensity of workers, and guaranteed the quality of products. Our company supplies hand tools grinding and polishing machinery, grinding and polishing auxiliary chemicals, grinding and polishing artificial abrasives, grinding and polishing process and processing on behalf of customers, if you need, please contact us. Name No. Shape Specification Use Cutting agent CH-309 liquid 50KG/barrel suitable for hand tool grinding and cutting Gloss agent CH-310 liquid 50KG/barrel suitable for hand tool polishing

Polishing agent

Polishing liquid characteristics Polishing liquid is a water-soluble polishing agent without any sulfur, phosphorus and chlorine additives, with good performance of oil removal, rust prevention, cleaning and lightening, and can make metal products more than the original luster. Product performance is stable, non-toxic, no pollution to the environment and other roles, light liquid use: including ratchet wrenches, open-end wrenches, batch nozzles, socket wrenches, hexagonal wrenches, screwdrivers, etc., lead-tin alloy, zinc alloy and other metal products after grinding, and then use polishing agent with vibration grinding light finishing machine, roller barrel grinding light type machine for polishing; 1 polishing agent put the amount of (according to the size of different products, light finishing machine 2: polishing time: according to the state of the product to determine. 3, polishing is completed with water to clean and dry once.

Rust inhibitor

Water-based antirust agent is a water-based antirust solution, which can effectively protect steel, iron and other materials from rusting. According to the different requirements of the rust prevention period, it can be mixed with water in a certain ratio, and the rust prevention period can reach several days to several months. Performance characteristics: 1: Excellent rust resistance. 2: Easy to use, can be immersed. 3: Excellent choice for ferrous or non-ferrous metals, especially cast iron workpieces, will not tarnish the surface of the parts. 4: Completely water-soluble, non-toxic, tasteless, non-combustible, safe and reliable. 5: Low cost, can replace anti-rust oil. 6: Beautiful workpiece, does not leave traces, does not affect the accuracy.