The market for hardware fittings combined with industrial regions?

Wed Mar 01 23:13:44 CST 2023

Market and industry regional combination is a development need

There is a problem that cannot be ignored, that is, our hardware production enterprises to the national interest, must not be because of their own interests, engage in unfair competition.

China's vast territory, the development of economic conditions in each region has a large difference, the hardware industry also has a clear regional, which is related to the national conditions of our country, but also the characteristics of our hardware industry.

Yangtze River Delta and Pearl River Delta region has become the fastest growing region of China's economy. In recent years, the Yangtze River Delta economic zone has become the fastest growing area for foreign investment. In this situation, Jiangsu hardware industry has a huge advantage, this advantage can then be expanded through the radiation hinterland to maintain and enhance this advantageous position.

This to the other domestic hardware industry base, the first thing to see a comparison to know the shortcomings, there is competition to have development, but the development of each hardware industry belt is bound to adhere to the benign competition between the industry belt, which will also be conducive to the enhancement of the vitality of the hardware industry in each region and the acceleration of economic growth.

Do the market must be linked to the local needs and industrial development, hardware market can not be an exception, which is the need for the development of the socialist market economy.

China has more than 10 billion U.S. dollars of hardware products exported every year (excluding the broad hardware concept in the mechanical and electrical products), but the real earning is minimal, which is a very worthy of attention in our hardware industry, but also the fundamental problem of China's hardware industry.

The original accumulation of hardware manufacturers in China and the accumulation of wealth has not yet reached a certain level, therefore, it is inevitable that it will take a long time to make the hardware fittings industry bigger and stronger.

In the process of internationalization, we have to deal with the challenges, hardware fittings first of all to do their own thing, to build a good platform, integrate resources