The main CNC machine tools are those!

Mon Mar 13 22:09:35 CST 2023

CNC machine tool processing mainly has.

1, shaped parts; such as brackets, forks and other irregular shape parts, etc., most of them are required to carry out multiple stations of mixed processing. Due to the irregular shape of the parts, ordinary machine tools can only process the dispersion of the process, it is necessary to use more tooling, and the production cycle will be longer. For CNC machine tools, the processing of such shaped parts is at ease.Precision parts

2, flat class with a hole system of parts; processing surface parallel to the processing surface is the same as the angle of the horizontal plane parts are called flat class parts. Each processing surface of these parts is flat or can be unfolded into a flat surface, the basic choice of special angle forming milling cutter to carry out processing. The CNC machines can be used with different spindle movements for the machining of parts with distributed bores such as keyways or end faces. Can also be processed curved disk sets and more holes in the processing of plate parts.

3, variable bevel class parts; machining surface in the horizontal plane of the angle is a continuous change in the parts are called variable bevel class parts. Most of these parts for the aircraft parts, and inspection fixtures and assembly type frame also belong to the variable bevel class parts.

4, surface parts; CNC machine tools can complete the complex curve or surface of the part surface. In the processing, the need for multiple coordinate axis linkage, to carry out ordinary machine tools are difficult to complete the process. The process of these parts need to be highly concentrated, the accumulated error in the size of the parts to be small, assembly accuracy to be high. The CNC machine tools are able to meet the needs of these curved parts.