The development status of hardware moulds

Sat Apr 22 14:32:38 CST 2023

The various tools and products used in our daily production and life, from the base of a machine tool, the housing of a machine body, to a small embryonic head screw, buttons and the housing of various household appliances, all have a close relationship with moulds. The shape of the mould determines the shape of these products, and the quality and precision of the processing of the mould also determines the quality of these products. Because of the different materials, appearance, specifications and uses of various products, moulds are divided into non-plastic moulds such as casting moulds, forging moulds, die-casting moulds and stamping moulds, as well as plastic moulds.

One of the key components of mould parts is the mould spring.Hardware Moulds

Die springs include: Japanese standard die springs, German standard die springs, springs, polyurethane springs, and usually die springs refer to rectangular die springs.

Die springs are widely used in stamping dies, metal die-casting dies, plastic moulds and other elastic movement precision mechanical equipment, automotive and other fields.

The material used for die springs is generally chrome alloy steel. Chrome alloy spring steel has the characteristics of high temperature resistance, high rigidity and long life.

Rectangular die spring has a small size, good elasticity, rigidity, high precision, production materials are rectangular, the surface colour spraying (plating) to distinguish between different weights, beautiful appearance and other characteristics.

The situation of disorderly competition within the hardware and mould industry began to emerge, the low cost of hardware, product structure grade and technology content is not high drawbacks are also increasingly apparent. 1960s hardware and mould industry began to emerge in the South China Sea, the late 80s reached a peak. At that time, the threshold of the hardware and mould industry is very low, also does not need any technology, 30,000 yuan to buy some old equipment can open a family workshop hardware mould processing plant. After more than 40 years of development, all kinds of hardware, mould processing enterprises have been more than 10,000, the vast majority are labour-intensive small enterprises.

The requirement of ultra-fine processing, hardware processing mold industry will become increasingly large. This is due to the mold molding parts increasingly large and high production efficiency requirements and the development of a mold multi-cavity caused by. Mold industry multi-functional composite mold will be further developed