The development of new energy auto parts plastic mould and market

Mon Jun 26 14:42:09 CST 2023

As the global attention to environmental protection continues to increase, the market demand for new energy vehicles is gradually increasing. As an important part of new energy vehicles, the demand for new energy vehicle parts has also increased, among which the market demand for plastic parts is particularly prominent.

Plastic mold is an essential tool in the production process of plastic products, and its quality and precision directly affect the quality and cost of plastic products. At present, the development trend of plastic moulds for new energy auto parts is mainly manifested in the following aspects:

1. high precision: the production of new energy auto parts needs higher precision requirements, so the precision requirements of plastic moulds are also improved.

2. Diversification: As the market of new energy vehicles continues to expand, the types of accessories are also increasing, so the plastic moulds need to be updated to meet the new production needs.

3. automation: with the continuous development of automatic production technology, the production of new energy auto parts also gradually realize automatic production, so the plastic mold also needs to adapt to the demand of automatic production.

4. environmental protection: the production of new energy vehicles needs more environmentally friendly production process, so the production of plastic moulds also needs to be more environmentally friendly.

In terms of market, with the continuous expansion of the new energy automobile market, the new energy automobile parts plastic mould market is also growing. At present, the domestic new energy auto parts plastic mould market is mainly concentrated in the southeast coastal area, but with the development of new energy vehicles, the market will gradually expand to the whole country. At the same time, with the intensification of competition in the new energy auto parts market, the plastic mould market will also gradually show the trend of diversification, specialization and high-end.