Take you to understand what is a precision injection mold?

Thu Jun 01 00:00:26 CST 2023

A precision injection mold is a device for obtaining a product with a certain shape after resin material is injected into a metal model. Precision injection molds are used for mass production of certain complex shaped parts by precision processing. Specifically, heat-melted material is injected into the mold cavity at high pressure, and after cooling and curing, various kinds of molded products are obtained.

A precision injection mold is a device for obtaining products with a certain shape after resin material is injected into a metal model. In fact, in order to control the temperature of the mold, there are cooling holes and heaters on the mold that allow the refrigerant to pass through. The material that has become molten enters the main flow channel and is injected into the mold cavity through the manifold and gate. After the cooling stage, the mold is opened, and the ejector device on the molding machine ejects the ejector rod to push out the product. The molded product is composed of the main flow channel that allows the molten resin to flow in, the manifold channel that guides the molten resin into the mold cavity, and the product. The length of the manifold is usually designed to be equal. The main stream and manifold in the molded product are not products, but are sometimes discarded or crushed and reused as molding material. We call this "regrind". The regrind is usually not used as a molding material alone, but is usually mixed with new material. This is because the mechanical properties, flowability, color, and other characteristics of the resin change after a molding process.Precision Injection Molds

Precision injection molding means that the appearance accuracy of injection molded products should meet strict dimensional tolerances, form tolerances and surface roughness. To perform precision injection molding, there must be many related conditions, and the most essential are the four basic factors of plastic material, injection mold, injection molding process and injection molding equipment. When designing plastic products, engineering plastic materials should be selected first, and the engineering plastics that can be precision injection molded must be those with high mechanical properties, dimensional stability, good creep resistance, and resistance to environmental stress cracking. Secondly, according to the selected plastic material, the finished product dimensional accuracy, piece weight, quality requirements and the expected mold structure, the applicable injection molding machine should be selected. 

1. Rapid mold manufacturing Rapid mold making technology is a fast, convenient and practical mold manufacturing technology, especially for new product development trial, process verification and functional verification, as well as multi-species small batch production. 2. .Precision injection molding technology .

By reasonably determining the size and tolerance of the mold, taking technical measures to prevent the injection molding products from shrinkage error, injection deformation, demold deformation, overflow edge, etc., as well as ensuring the accuracy of the mold, and adopting the correct precision injection molding process, applicable engineering plastic materials and precision injection molding equipment to make the best match.

At present, at least half of the high precision injection moulds used in China are imported from abroad.