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Tue Jun 06 14:22:49 CST 2023

Mold management system system from mold quotation, design, planning, purchasing, manufacturing, mold trial, acceptance, production, handover to collection, return, repair and maintenance until scrapping the whole process of management system, is a creative contribution in mold manufacturing information management, is the first mold manufacturing management system in China. -1.Quickly schedule the mold design, processing, clamping, mold trial, and mold inspection, which can be specific to hours and minutes. Fast scheduling of machining parts grinding, milling, electrical discharge, wire cutting, CNC, polishing, clamping set-up, and automatic barcode generation on the scheduling list. The barcode scanner automatically reads the start date, completion date, and processing time of grinding, milling, electrical discharge, wire cutting, CNC, polishing, and clamping set-up processes for machining parts, eliminating the need for manual statistics. -4.Display the actual production progress of the mold with PROJECT visual chart, and compare the planned time with the actual time. -5. Display the production progress of the machined parts in the visual chart of PROJECT, and compare the planned time with the actual time. -6. Scheduling of limited capacity based on machine crop rate to provide delivery quality and help to take more orders. -7. Quick and accurate pricing based on mold valuation operation. -8. The business department can quickly check and explain the production progress to the customer and agree the time to see the mold. -9. Prepare mold trial plan through mold trial application. -10.Settlement of mold material items, processing items, management and sales costs, etc. Mold Management

Mold management systemMold manufacturer factory

It covers business order management, CAD design management, machining production management, clamping management, mold trial management, cost management and other daily personnel management, covering the management operations of all functional departments in the mold factory. The system adopts an intelligent production scheduling principle and a unique backward calculation method to analyze and calculate the workload of each production unit and processing equipment, generate a workload table and store it in the work scheduling management database, schedule the mold processing production processes, and make a simulation judgment on the scheduling results, generate a scheduling schedule and store it in the work scheduling management database, and transmit the above scheduling schedule to the relevant units The above scheduling schedule is transmitted to the relevant units for production and processing, and the management data is finally output.

Improve daily operations

-Informatization of data, keeping track of progress

-No need for manual production scheduling

-The system automatically updates the schedule

-Reduces progress inquiries to the site

-Full process control and cost collection

Increase production efficiency

-Improve quotation accuracy

-Quick input into mold engineering design

-Ability to judge outsourcing or in-house processing

-Improve production efficiency and machine utilization


-To control the production schedule

-Shorten production schedules

-Reduce overtime

-Prevent excess outsourcing

-Prevent missed order opportunities

-Mold cost management