Share the use of plastic mold for flower pots and tips

Fri Jun 09 23:30:25 CST 2023

Plastic mold for flower pots is a common tool for making flower pots, which can help us to make flower pots of various shapes and sizes quickly and easily. However, if you don't pay attention to the use method and technique, it will affect the quality and effect of flower pots. Here, let's learn how to use the plastic mold for flower pots and tips!

1. Choose the appropriate mold size: First of all, we need to choose the appropriate size of plastic mold according to the size of the flower pots we need to make. If you choose a mold that is too large or too small, it will result in an unsuitable size for the flower pot and affect the aesthetics.

2. Prepare the materials: to make flower pots, you need to use some materials, such as cement, sand, water, etc. Before using the mold, you need to prepare these materials and mix them evenly according to the proportion.

3. Apply the mold: Before using the mold, you need to apply a layer of mold release agent on the surface of the mold. This can make the flower pot easier to take off when demoulding, and also can protect the mold and prolong the service life.

4. Assemble the mold: put the two parts of the mold together and clamp them with clamps or clips to ensure that the mold will not be loose or deformed. This can ensure the shape and quality of the flower pot.Flower pot plastic mold supplier

5. Fill the material: Fill the mold with the mixed material and compact it by hand or wooden stick to make it evenly distributed. When filling, you need to pay attention to the concentration and uniformity of the material, so as to avoid gaps or unevenness.

6. Wait for drying: After filling the material, you need to wait for a period of time to let it dry naturally. Drying time varies according to the material, generally need to wait a day or so.

7. Demold: After the flower pot is completely dry, you need to disassemble the mold and gently take off the flower pot from the mold. If you need to add some patterns or decoration on the surface of the flower pot, you can use tools such as carving knife or spray paint to handle it.

In short, using plastic flower pot molds to make flower pots requires attention to detail, and each step needs to be taken seriously. Only in this way can we make good quality and beautiful shape flower pots, making our home more warm and beautiful.