Share the production process of flower pot plastic mold and production process

Fri Jun 09 15:15:50 CST 2023

Plastic mold for flower pots is an important tool for making flower pots, which can help manufacturers to produce flower pots with beautiful shape and stable quality and improve production efficiency. Let's learn about the production process and production flow of plastic mold for flower pots.

First of all, the production process of planter plastic mold is divided into four parts: design, production, processing and testing. Among them, the design link should fully consider the size, shape and material of the flowerpot and other factors for subsequent processing and production. The production process involves making the basic structure of the mold according to the design drawings and machining the required parts. The processing step is to assemble the parts and carry out the final processing and handling. The testing process is to test and inspect the plastic flower pot molds to make sure they meet the production requirements.Flower pot plastic mould manufacturer

Secondly, the production process of flower pot plastic mold includes the following steps:

1. Design and drawing: According to the requirements of flower pot size and shape, the design and drawing of the mold is carried out.

2. Material procurement: according to the materials required for the design and drawing, purchase the corresponding materials.

3. Make the base structure of the mold: according to the design drawing, make the base structure of the mold, including the mold base plate, mold side plate and other parts.

4. Processing mold parts: according to the design drawing, processing of mold parts, including mold shearing, bending, drilling and other processes.

5. Assemble the mold: assemble the processed mold parts to form a complete plastic mold for flower pots.

6. Testing and debugging: The plastic flower pot mold is strictly tested and debugged to ensure that it can work properly and produce high quality flower pots.

Through the above production process, the manufacturer can produce plastic mold for flower pots that meet the market demand and provide a strong guarantee for the production of flower pots.