Share the parting surface design criteria for plastic mold design

Thu May 11 15:12:29 CST 2023

The aesthetics of parting surface design is the basic standard to measure the level of a mold designer. The parting surface should be reasonable, simple, beautiful and smooth, and the part other than the sealing bit should be machined by CNC as much as possible, which not only saves the EDM processing cost, but also reduces the cost of researching and matching. It is the ultimate goal that designers always try to pursue.

A. Mold strength problem: after the parting surface is separated from the two parts to give full consideration to the issue of mold strength. (Bad strength is to affect the life of the mold, product quality will also be seriously affected.)Plastic molds (printer accessories)

Not reasonable

1: affect the product saving mold and polishing

2: mold mass production for a long time will produce burrs (phi front)

3: This parting will also lead to a thin steel after the mold, affecting the strength and life of the mold.


It ensures the product quality, avoids the sharp steel of the mold, and facilitates mold saving and polishing.

Second, to determine the insertion and touch through the design of the surface, choose rather touch than insert the design principles, especially in the design of the slider, before and after the insertion of the inner core and other movement structure, fully consider the side insertion angle, preferably more than 5 degrees, really can not be less than 3 degrees. The angle of penetration is not enough when the movement is easy to insert burned, serious may lead to the scrapping of the workpiece.

Third, the sealing surface is strictly forbidden to design into triangular surface, or two sides flute angle sealing material. The so-called triangular surface is the fractal surface belongs to the point sealing glue, we prohibit the point sealing glue in the mold design, using the surface sealing glue (the disadvantage is easy to produce batch front, burr, and mold repeatedly repair bad).

Fourth, in the mold design, parting surface but also to avoid the mold of sharp steel, thin steel problem. Mold tip steel, thin steel, weak steel is the impact of mold life, especially mold steel requirements quenching or nitriding, the tip steel is very easy to crumble.