Share the maintenance of precision injection molding processing molds

Fri Jun 02 00:54:24 CST 2023

      Processing companies should first equip each pair of molds with a resume card detailing their use, maintenance (lubrication, cleaning, rust prevention) and damage, depending on the degree to which these components and parts may be damaged, worn for providing discovery. As well as information materials to solve the problem, as well as the molding process parameters of the mold and the materials used in the product, in order to shorten the testing time of the mold and improve productivity.

Processors should test the various properties of the mold under normal operation of the injection molding machine and mold, and measure the dimensions of the molded plastic parts. With this information, the existing state of the mold can be determined and cavities, cores and cooling can be found. Based on the information provided by the plastic parts, the damage status of the mold and maintenance measures, damage to systems, parting surfaces, etc. can be determined.Injection mold processing factory

Precision injection molding processing molds:

     Several important parts of the mold must be tracked and inspected by keystrokes: the function of the injection and guidance parts is to ensure the opening and closing movements of the mold and the injection of plastic parts. If any part gets stuck due to damage, it will lead to production stoppage, so it should be kept frequently. Lubricate the ejector pins and guide pillars of the mold (use a suitable lubricant) and regularly inspect the ejector pins, guide pillars, etc. for deformation and surface damage. When found, replace them in time; after finishing the production cycle, work on the surface of the mold. Moving, guiding parts are coated with professional anti-rust oil, especially to protect the elastic strength of bearing parts, gears, racks and dies and spring dies to ensure always in good working condition; With the continuation of production time, cooling channels are easy to deposit scale, rust, sludge and algae, cooling channels become partially smaller, cooling channels become narrower, heat exchange rate between coolant and die is greatly reduced, production of enterprises Costs increase, so clean up the flow path. Be aware that; for hot runner molds, the maintenance of the heating and control system is beneficial to prevent production failures and is therefore particularly important Therefore, after each production cycle, the band heaters, bar heaters, heating probes and thermocouples on the molds should be measured using an ohmmeter. If damaged, the mold history should be replaced promptly. Compare and make records so that problems can be identified and countermeasures can be taken at the appropriate time.

Attention must be paid to the surface maintenance of the mold, which directly affects the surface quality of the product, with emphasis on preventing corrosion. Therefore, it is especially important to choose the right, high quality and professional rust prevention oil. After the mold has completed its production task, the residual injection molding should be carefully removed according to the different injection methods. Residual injection molding and other deposits in the mold can be removed by using copper rods, copper wire and professional mold cleaners, and then air-drying. Hard objects such as cleaning wire and steel bars are prohibited to avoid scratching the surface. If corrosive injection molding causes rust, please use grinder to grind and polish, spray professional anti-rust oil, and then store the mold in a dry, cool, dust-free place.