Share the main parts of the automotive mold composition trivia?

Tue May 23 22:27:39 CST 2023

The most important component of automotive moulds is the covering parts mould. This kind of tooling is mainly cold punching dies. In a broad sense, "automotive mould" is a general term for all the moulds used to make all the parts of automobiles. For example, stamping mold, injection mold, forging mold, casting wax mold, glass mold, etc.

The stamping parts on the body of the car are broadly divided into covering parts, beam parts and general stamping parts. The stamping parts that can obviously represent the image characteristics of the car are the car covering parts. Therefore, the automobile die that can be more specifically referred to is "automobile covering parts stamping die". It is abbreviated as automobile covering parts punching die. For example, the front door outer plate trimming die, front door inner plate punching die, etc.

Of course, there are not only stamping parts on the car body. All the dies for stamping parts on the car are called "automotive stamping dies". To sum up, it is.

1. auto mould is the general name of mould for making all the parts on the car. 2.

2. auto stamping dies are the dies for punching all the stamping parts on the car. 3. auto body stamping dies are the dies for punching all the stamping parts on the car.

3. auto body stamping die is the die that makes all the stamping parts on the body of the car. 4. auto cover stamping die is the die that makes all the stamping parts on the car.

4. Auto cover stamping dies are the dies for making all the cover parts on the car body.

Nowadays, when we talk about auto moulds in this board, we seem to refer to auto covering parts punching dies. In order not to be confused with the broad sense of automotive punching dies, it is better to use automotive covering dies instead of automotive punching dies when posting.

Auto tire mold classification

1:Live mold, consisting of pattern ring, die sleeve, upper and lower side plates.

The envelope die distinguishes between cone oriented envelope die and oblique plane oriented envelope die

2:Two halves mould, composed of two pieces of upper and lower moulds.

Auto tire mold processing technology

Take the envelope mold as an exampleAuto mold parts factory

1:Casting or forging blanks according to the tire mold drawing, then rough turning blanks and heat treatment. The tire mold blank is completely annealed to eliminate internal stress, and should be flattened when annealing to avoid excessive deformation.

2:Punch the lifting hole according to the drawing, then machine the outer diameter and height of the tread circle in place according to the semi-finish turning drawing, turn the inner cavity of the tread circle with the semi-finish turning procedure, and check with the semi-finish turning sample after turning.

3:Use the processed tire mold pattern electrode to shape the pattern inside the pattern ring with EDM, and use the sample to inspect.

4:Divide the pattern ring into several parts according to the manufacturer's requirements, draw the marking line respectively, put it into the tooling to punch the back waist hole and tapping.

5:According to the equal parts divided by process 8, cut it in line with the scribed line.

6:Cut the pattern block according to the requirements of the drawing and make the pattern light, clear the corners, clear the roots and make the air venting hole.

7:Sandblast the inside of the pattern block cavity evenly, requiring the same color.

8:Assemble the pattern ring, mold sleeve and upper and lower side plates together to complete the tire mold.