Share the content of injection moulding technology for automotive exterior parts

Wed Apr 12 18:46:35 CST 2023

The standard specifies the terms and definitions of plastic injection moulds for automotive exterior parts, requirements, design provisions, manufacturing provisions, test methods, inspection rules, and marking, packaging, transport and storage.

Main content:Removal of water spout moulds

1、General requirements

The external surface of the plastic mould, the mould frame, the connection head, the connection and protection design content of the pipeline line are proposed.

2、Parts requirements

The requirements for the appearance, dimensions and properties of the materials of the parts are presented.

3. Dimensional tolerances

The limit deviation values for each moulding part are standardised.

4、Demoulding slope

The release slope of different plastics is standardised.

5、Assembly requirements

The requirements for the fixed mould base plate, the moving mould base plate, the closing position and the closing accuracy of the plastic mould are presented,

6、Stability of mould quality

The relevant testing methods and qualified indicators of plastic moulds are proposed.

7、Cooling system, pneumatic system or hydraulic system

The requirements of cooling system, pneumatic system and hydraulic system are proposed.

8、Circuit design and protection

9、Design provisions for plastic moulds

Includes design requirements, design of fit tolerances and other requirements.

9、Testing methods

A variety of testing methods are proposed, and testing data requirements.