Share from those aspects to get the precision of production mold parts

Tue Jun 06 00:20:01 CST 2023

In manufacturing, because of the hazards of various elements, it is in fact impossible to produce every geometrical main parameter of the part in perfect conformity with the idealized geometrical main parameters, which can cause some deviations. This type of deviation is called manufacturing deviation.

This is discussed at three levels: 1. the way to get the precision of the part specification 2. the way to get the precision of the appearance 3. the way to get the precision of the part

1. The way to get the precision of appearance

(1) Motion path method

This type of manufacturing method uses the motion trajectory of the fitness movement of the sharp tool to produce the appearance of the manufactured surface. The general milling, cutting, planing and cutting are all classified as the motion trajectory method. The key to the precision of the appearance obtained by this method is the precision of the forming motion.

(2) spreading into method

The use of CNC inserts and steel parts for the envelope produced by the spreading fitness movement to obtain the appearance of the manufacturing surface, such as hobbing, inserting teeth, grinding teeth, rolling spline shaft, etc. are all spreading method. The key to the precision of the appearance obtained in this way lies in the precision of the appearance of the edge and the precision of the spreading fitness movement.

(3) molding method

The use of forming CNC insert geometry look to replace the CNC lathe some forming fitness movement and get the production and manufacturing surface look. Such as molding milling, cutting, cutting, etc. Forming method to get the look precision key is the look of the edge.

2. The way to get the precision of the part specification

(1) production and manufacturing mold parts regression analysis methodMold Parts Factory

The precise relative parts of CNC lathe, tooling fixture, CNC inserts and steel parts are adjusted in advance with the first sample or standard parts, which are used to ensure the specification precision of steel parts. Because the specification is adjusted in time beforehand, therefore, when manufacturing, no need to compensate for the tool radius again, the specification is obtained fully automatically and kept consistent during the processing of a batch of parts, which means the regression analysis method. For example, when choosing a milling machine fixture, the part of the CNC insert depends on the tool setting block clearly. The essence of the regression analysis method is the use of CNC lathe on the fixed range equipment or tooling equipment or the whole tooling table in advance, so that the CNC inserts relative to the CNC lathe or tooling fixture over a certain part precision, and subsequently produce and manufacture a batch of steel parts.

In the CNC lathe in accordance with the internal diameter table under the tool subsequently drilling, are a kind of regression analysis method. This type of method must first decide the scale on the internal diameter gauge according to the tool radius compensation method. Batch production, to use the fixed range block, the first sample, sample version of the tool equipment to carry out adjustment.

The regression analysis method is better than the quantity cutting method of manufacturing precision reliability, has a high output rate, the provisions of the CNC lathe operator is not high, but the provisions of the CNC lathe adjuster is high, commonly used in mass production and many manufacturing.

(2) production and manufacturing mold parts tool radius compensation method

That is, first try to cut out not a large part of the production manufacturing surface, accurate measurement tool radius compensation personal specifications obtained, in accordance with the provisions of the production manufacturing moderate adjustment CNC blade drilling edge relative steel parts, and then tool radius compensation, and then accurate measurement, this way after two or three times tool radius compensation and accurate measurement, when the production manufacturing specifications exceed the provisions, and then drilling all to be manufactured surface.

Tool radius compensation method over the precision will be very high, it does not need complicated equipment, but this type of way time-consuming (need to do several adjustments, tool radius compensation, precise measurement, measurement), low efficiency, relying on the technical strength of the staff and the precision of the measurement verification, quality is not smooth, so only used for bulk small batch production and manufacturing.

(3) Manufacturing mold parts fixed specification method

The way to ensure the specification of the steel parts manufactured by the relative specification of the CNC inserts is called the specification method. This is the use of standardized specifications of the CNC inserts manufacturing, manufacturing surface specifications by the CNC inserts specifications decision. That is, the CNC inserts (such as milling cutters, reaming drills, twist drills, etc.) with a certain degree of specification precision are used to ensure the precision of the steel parts being manufactured at the manufacturing location (such as holes).

The practical operation of the fixed specification method is convenient, the output rate is high, the manufacturing precision is relatively stable, basically irrelevant to the technical strength of the workers, the output rate is high, and it is widely used in many types of production and manufacturing. For example, punching, boring, etc.

(4) Production and manufacturing mold parts automatic control system method

This type of method is composed of precise measuring equipment, tool walking equipment and automatic control system, etc. This is the precise measurement, tool walking equipment and automatic control system constitutes a mass production system software, and the machining process is carried out with the help of the system.

Dimensional inspection, CNC insert compensation adjustment and drilling production manufacturing and its CNC lathe parking and a series of other work is carried out fully automatically, fully automated to exceed the specified specifications of precision. For example, when manufacturing on a CNC lathe, the part is said to manipulate the manufacturing sequence and manufacturing precision according to the various commands of the program process.

(5) Production and manufacturing of mold parts active measurement method

In the process of processing, while manufacturing, precise measurement of manufacturing specifications, and the measurement results and the specifications specified in the design plan will be compared, or make the CNC lathe work again, or make the CNC lathe terminate the work, which is said to be the positive measurement method.

At this stage, the standard value in the positive precise measurement has been able to display the information with large numbers. The positive measurement method adds the precise measurement equipment to the software of the machining process system (i.e., the unified body consisting of the CNC lathe, CNC inserts, fixtures and steel parts) and turns it into its fifth element. Positive measurement method has smooth quality and high output rate, which is the development prospect