Share about the production process and production flow of plastic moulds for beer machines

Thu Jun 15 14:28:00 CST 2023

Plastic mold for beer machine is a kind of mold used for manufacturing beer machine, usually made of high quality metal, such as steel, aluminum, copper, etc., to ensure its durability and long life. This kind of mold has the features of high precision, accurate size and smooth surface, which can produce high quality beer machine casing products. In addition, plastic molds for beer machine can be customized to meet the needs and requirements of different customers.

The production process and production flow of beer machine plastic moulds are as follows:

1. Design and make the mold drawing: According to the requirements and samples provided by customers, design the mold drawing of beer machine shell.

2. Make the metal part of the mold: According to the mold drawing, use the metal material and make the metal part by using CNC machining, milling, drilling and other processes.

3. Make the plastic part of the mold: put the metal part in the injection molding machine, inject the melted plastic particles, fill them into the cavity of the mold, and take out the molded plastic parts after the plastic cools.

4. Complete the assembly and debugging of the mold: Assemble the metal part and the plastic part and debug them to make sure the precision and size of the mold meet the requirements.

5. Perform mold test: Put the mold into the injection molding machine and perform mold test to check whether the molded beer machine shell meets the requirements.

6. Deliver to customer: After passing the test, the mold is delivered to the customer for producing the beer machine shell products.

The above is the production process and production flow of beer machine plastic moulds, where each step needs to go through strict quality control and inspection to ensure the quality and production efficiency of the moulds.

Technological innovation and application are the important factors that drive the development of beer machine plastic mould manufacturing. The following are some examples of innovations and applications:Beer machine plastic mould manufacturer

1. Application of CAD/CAM technology

CAD/CAM technology is a technology that combines computer-aided design and computer-aided manufacturing technology. In the manufacture of plastic molds for beer machines, CAD/CAM technology can help designers to design molds more accurately, as well as to process and manufacture them quickly.

2. Application of 3D printing technology

3D printing technology can create molds by stacking materials layer by layer. This technology can quickly create complex shapes of molds and can be adjusted in real time during the manufacturing process.

3. Application of advanced materials

In the manufacture of plastic molds for beer machines, the use of advanced materials can improve the strength and durability of the molds. For example, the use of high strength steel materials, carbide and other materials can improve the life and stability of the mold.

4. Application of intelligent manufacturing

Intelligent manufacturing technology can realize the intelligent manufacturing process of moulds through sensors and intelligent control systems. This technology can improve the manufacturing efficiency and quality of molds, and can realize remote monitoring and management.

In conclusion, technological innovation and application can greatly improve the efficiency, quality and reliability of plastic mold manufacturing for beer machines, and inject new vitality into the development of beer machine manufacturing industry.