Share about the process flow and pre-development trend of plastic mould for auto rear view mirror

Fri Jun 16 00:43:37 CST 2023

The production process and production flow of plastic mould for car rear view mirror are as follows:

1. Designing and making mold structure: first of all, the structure design of rearview mirror mold is needed, including the size, structure, material and other aspects of the mold. The designer can use CAD and other professional software to design.

2. Make the mold model: according to the design drawings, make the model of the mold. Usually use CNC machining center and other equipment for processing.

3. Make the core model of the mold: according to the model, make the core model of the mold. Usually use aluminum alloy and other materials to make.

4. Mold processing: The mold core is put into the mold and processed with high precision. Usually use CNC machine tools and other equipment for processing.

5. Die assembly: Assemble each part, including die core, die shell, positioning pins, extrusion holes, etc.

6. Perform die debugging: Perform die debugging to check the precision and usage of the die.

7.Perform mold test: Perform mold test to check the molding effect and quality of the mold.

8. Perform small batch production: Perform small batch production to check the stability and production efficiency of the mold.

9.Conduct mass production: produce hind sight through the mold to ensure the production efficiency and product quality.

Auto rearview mirror plastic mould is an essential and important tool in auto production, its market prospect and development trend mainly includes the following aspects:Auto Rearview Mirror Plastic Mould

1. the rapid development and expansion of the automobile industry, the production and sales demand of automotive mirrors is increasing, which in turn drives the development of the automotive mirror plastic mould market.

2. the production technology and techniques of plastic moulds for automotive mirrors are improving, the quality of products and production efficiency are improving, and the ability to meet customer needs is increasing.

3. the application field of automotive mirror plastic mould is expanding, not only in the traditional automotive field has a wide range of applications, but also in the new energy vehicles, intelligent cars and other fields of continuous application.

4. With the increasing awareness of environmental protection, the production materials and technology of plastic moulds for automotive mirrors are also being improved to reduce the impact on the environment.

In a word, with the continuous development and innovation of the automotive industry, the market of plastic molds for automotive mirrors has a broad prospect and good development potential.