Share about the process and technology of automotive plastic mold manufacturing

Fri Jun 09 00:38:11 CST 2023

The manufacturing process and technology of automotive plastic mould includes the following aspects:

1. Designing molds: according to the shape and size of auto parts, designing the structure and size of molds that meet the requirements.

2. Manufacturing mold: according to the design drawings, choose suitable materials for processing, milling, grinding, clamping and other processes to manufacture the mold.Auto Plastic Mould Supplier

3. Mold debugging: The manufactured mold needs to be debugged to ensure the accuracy and quality of the mold.

4. Plastic material selection: according to the requirements of automotive parts, select the appropriate plastic material.

5. Injection processing: the selected plastic material will be injected into the mold through the injection molding machine for processing.

6. Post-processing: After the completion of injection molding, it is necessary to clean, trim and other post-processing work.

7. Mold maintenance: regular maintenance and repair of the mold to extend the service life of the mold.

In general, the manufacturing process and technology of automotive plastic moulds need to be carried out in strict accordance with the design requirements, and the processing precision and quality requirements are extremely high to ensure the quality and service life of automotive parts.