Processes and developments in die casting moulds

Fri Apr 21 21:21:51 CST 2023

Die casting die forging process is a special die casting die forging machine to complete the process. The metal liquid first low speed or high speed casting filling into the cavity of the die, the die has a movable cavity surface, it is forged with the cooling process of the metal liquid under pressure, both to eliminate the shrinkage of the blank shrinkage defects, but also to make the internal organization of the blank to achieve the forging state of the broken grain.

Structural components

Folding (a) die-casting die structure compositionAutomotive Die Casting Products

Fixed mould: fixed in the die-casting machine fixed mould mounting plate, there is a straight sprue and nozzle or pressure chamber coupling

Dynamic mould: fixed in the die-casting machine dynamic mould mounting plate, and with the dynamic mould mounting plate for opening and closing the mould to move closed when the mould, closed constitute the cavity and casting system, liquid metal in high pressure filled with cavity; open the mould, the dynamic mould and the fixed mould separate, with the help of the dynamic mould on the launch mechanism will be pushed out the casting.

Folding (II) die casting mould structure according to the role of classification

Cavity: outer surface straight sprue (sprue set)

Core: inner surface internal sprue

Fold (c) guide parts

guide pillar; guide sleeve

Folded (iv) Push-out mechanism

Push rod (ejector), reset rod, push rod fixed plate, push plate, push plate guide pillar, push plate guide sleeve.

Folding (V) Lateral core extraction mechanism

Tab; hole (side), chisel block, limit spring, screw.

Folding (VI) Overflow system

Overflow trough, exhaust trough.

Folding (viii) Support parts

Fixed moulds; movable mould base plates, pads (assembly, positioning, mounting role)

The development of the correct die-casting process, die-casting workers correct skilled operation and high-quality mold maintenance, to improve production efficiency, to ensure the quality of die-castings, reduce the scrap rate, reduce mold failure, extend the life of the mold to the important.

China's die-casting mold development faster, in production output and quantity, second only to punching and plastic mold, die-casting mold has accounted for China's total output of various types of mold about eight percent.