Process characteristics of mould processing

Thu Apr 06 23:26:53 CST 2023

Mould processing process arrangement

1、Bottom surface processing, processing volume guarantee.

2、Foundation of casting blank, 2D and 3D type surface allowance check.

3、Rough machining of 2D and 3D type surface, non-installation and non-working plane machining (including safety platform surface, buffer mounting surface, pressure plate surface, side datum surface).

4、Before semi-finishing, the side datum surface is corrected to ensure accuracy.Forming moulds

5、Semi-finishing 2D, 3D type surface, finishing all kinds of installation work surface (including limit block mounting surface and contact surface, block mounting surface and back side, punch mounting surface, scrap cutter mounting surface and back side, spring mounting surface and contact surface, all kinds of travel limit work surface, tilt wedge mounting surface and back side), semi-finishing all kinds of guide surface, guide hole, leaving margin finishing process reference hole and height reference surface, and record data.

6、Check and review the machining accuracy.

7、Clamp work inlay process.

8、Before finishing, the process reference hole datum surface to find the right, set block margin check.

9、Finishing surface 2D, 3D, side punching surface and hole position, finishing process reference hole and height reference, finishing guide surface and guide hole.

10、Check and review the machining accuracy.

Points to note

1, the process is concise, detailed expression, processing content as far as possible numerical expression.

2, processing key points, the process should be particularly stressed.

3, the need to combine processing, technology expressed clearly.

4、When the inlay needs to be processed separately, pay attention to the processing accuracy of the process requirements stated.

5, after the combination of processing, the need for separate processing of the inset parts, the combination of processing technology to install separate processing of the benchmark requirements.

6. mold processing in the spring is the most easily damaged, so to choose a long fatigue life of the mold spring. Europe and the United States manufactured mold spring fatigue life is long, the famous brand Raymond mold spring.