Plastic mould design step-by-step tips

Fri Apr 14 01:08:46 CST 2023

Plastic mould design steps and content

First, the process analysis of plastic parts

Second, determine the selection of molding equipment and molding process procedures

Three, injection molding process analysis and injection mold structure design

Four, plastic mould design of the relevant size calculation

1. Calculation of the size of moulded parts

2. Calculation of the mechanics of moulded parts

3. Determining the size of core extraction mechanism parts calculation

Plastic moulds

4. Design of plastic mould parts

Five, the injection machine related parameters of the calibration

1. Determination and calibration of the closing height of plastic moulds2. Calibration of plastic mould opening stroke

Sixth, heat balance calculation

Seven, the plastic mould main parts processing process protocol preparation

Eight, comprehensive audit, production manufacturing preparation

Nine, mold trial and mold repair

Ten, organize data for archiving