Plastic Injection Mold|Introduction of Auto Bumper Mold Processing

Sat Dec 03 15:35:24 CST 2022

Plastic mold is a tool for the plastic processing industry and matching with plastic molding machine, which gives plastic products complete configuration and precise size. Because of plastic has various types and processing methods, the structure of plastic forming machinesand plastic products are complex, causing varieties of structures and types.Based on the different molding methods, the plastic processing mold types corresponding to different technological requirements can be divided into injection molding, extrusion molding, blister molding, high foaming polystyrene molding,etc.

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Automobile bumper mold belongs to injection molding, the quality of the mold directly affects theappearances, configuration integrity and anti-collision ability of the automobiles. Mold commonly uses materials such as P20, NAK80, 1.2738, etc.,after tempering treatment, material hardness remains approximately HRC35 ~ 38,cutting tool can satisfy the high precision, high quality, long life of the processing requirements. GESAC provides bumper mold processing solutions,including roughing, semi-finishing, finishing, and various machining processes,like hole drilling, GESAC can provide complete processing solutions.

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