Is steel material important for tool/mold quality?

Fri Nov 04 15:32:38 CST 2022

Whether it is a plastic mold or a hardware die-casting mold, the mold steel material is one of the key factors in the quality of the mold, and choosing the right mold steel is of utmost importance. If the plastic material is different, the corresponding mold steel material will also be different.

Is steel material important for tool/mold quality

Such as high requirements for polish degree, corrosion resistance, etc. We believe that not the most expensive steel is the best, and the cost factor of the mold must be considered. It is better to choose the material according to the design life of the mold to avoid unnecessary waste." For plastic mold steel, the life of P20 is generally 300,000, 1.2738 mold steel is about 500,000, and for H13 and 1.2344 mold steel, it is generally more than 800,000 to 1 million, which can be selected according to different situations. Hongsheng Precision Mould Manufacturing Co., Ltd. always stands in the customer's point of view, to create the best mould quality and cost saving for our customers