How would you define the importance of mold making for mold quality?

Tue Nov 08 14:59:18 CST 2022

To do a good job, craftsmen need the best tools. The reasonable arrangement of mold machining process is very important, it can not only speed up the production cycle, shorten the processing time and save the cost effectively, but more importantly, the accurate and reasonable processing can ensure the stability of the mold in the production process and prolong the service life. Processing errors can cause mold welding, no matter how good the welding is, it is a loss to the mold; in addition, improper processing can also affect mold operation, reduce mold life, and cause mold cracking or even cracks during production.

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Production process is the key to quality control. So we should turn the quality inspection afterwards into prevention beforehand, do the control beforehand, and improve the effectiveness of quality management. This requires us to incorporate all aspects of the production process into quality management and develop a reasonable production process.

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Quality control in the design phase is divided into 3 stages - initial, mid-term and final.

In the initial stage, our engineering team will have a thorough and productive discussion with the customer regarding basic information, GD&T, tolerances, etc. of the part.

In the middle stage, we will design according to the customer's requirements and modify our drawings according to the customer's comments.

In the final stage, after the mold design is approved by the customer, we will build the mold according to the design.