How to set the pouring temperature when producing die-casting products

Fri Jan 13 23:21:51 CST 2023

When producing die-casting products, the pouring temperature is the average temperature of liquid metal when entering the cavity from the press set.The temperature of the liquid metal inside the press chamber is not convenient to measure.Generally, the temperature in the holding furnace is used.

Casting temperature is too high, shrinkage is large, so that die castings are prone to cracking, crystal grain size, can also cause sticky shape; pouring temperature is too low, easy to produce cold spacing, surface pattern and insufficient pouring defects. Therefore, the pouring temperature should be compared with Pressure, die-casting temperature and filling speed should be considered at the same time.

and die-casting temperature

The die-casting type should be preheated to a certain temperature before use, generally using gas

The temperature of the die-casting mold should be preheated to a certain temperature before use, usually by gas, torch, electric or induction heating.

In the continuous production, die-casting temperature tends to rise, especially die-casting

High melting point alloy, rise quickly. The temperature is too high in addition to the liquid metal production

In addition to making the liquid metal sticky, the casting cools slowly and makes the grain coarse. Therefore, in the die-casting

casting temperature is too high, cooling measures should be used. Usually with compressed air

Air, water or chemical media for cooling.