How to quickly analyse the quality of moulds dedicated to plastic moulds

Sat Apr 15 15:08:42 CST 2023

The seemingly simple problem of inconsistent product unit weights, resulting in inconsistent product appearance and dimensions, can be analysed by veteran drivers for factors: product raw material / or nozzle material: inconsistent product material, material passing through the cylinder, inconsistent gate forming speed, resulting in pressure and back pressure during the forming process for products of different weights: when the forming adjustment process movement parameters can directly affect the saturation of the product and saturation, and the unit weight of the product will also change the size of the gate: in the case of anomalies where the gate is blocked or the discharge is not smooth, the unit weight of the product will also have the same shape for different machines, single differences: differences in the mould locking force of the machine itself for different machines, usually, if the product is large and the machine is small, the mould locking force is anomalous.Printer Accessories Plastic Mould

Mould closure is not strong enough, the mould locking force is not enough, the product before running, the product will also appear single difference in the plastic mould manufacturer, for the reasons affecting the molding efficiency has a very different, it is necessary to carry out a step-by-step analysis according to the different situations, effectively solve this problem, this is a great test of the internal management ability of the plastic mould manufacturer, but also in the face of the situation of the urgent treatment.