How to maintain the plastic mold of beer machine and prolong its service life?

Thu Jun 15 00:14:37 CST 2023

How to maintain the plastic mold of beer machine:

1. Regular cleaning: Before and after using the beer machine, you should clean the beer machine plastic moulds. If there are residues on the mold, they may damage the mold surface and shorten its service life. It is recommended to use a soft cloth and warm water to clean the mold surface and not to use harsh cleaning agents or metal brushes.

2. Avoid overuse: Although plastic molds for brewers are designed to protect the brewer, if overused, the molds may wear out and cause damage. Therefore, it is recommended to follow the manufacturer's recommendations when using it and not to overload it or exceed its usage time.

3. Avoid high temperatures: High temperatures can cause the plastic mold of the beer maker to deform or melt. Therefore, it is recommended not to place the kegerator in direct sunlight or near a gas stove.Beer machine plastic mould manufacturer

4. Avoid impact: The plastic mold of the beer maker may break due to impact. Therefore, it is recommended not to place the beer maker in a place where it is prone to collision. 5.

5. Storage: If the beer maker plastic mold is not in use, it is recommended to store it in a dry and ventilated place away from sunlight and high temperature.


Choose high quality plastic material for beer machine plastic moulds to ensure the sturdiness and durability of the moulds. The size and shape of the beer machine plastic mold must be precise to ensure the fit and seal of the beer. The beer machine plastic mold should be easy to process for customization and repair. Reasonably priced plastic molds can be selected to ensure production cost control. Beer machine plastic molds should be easy to clean and maintain to ensure their long-term use. Choose reliable suppliers to ensure timely delivery and quality after-sales service.