How to implement the management of mold information technology

Tue Jun 06 21:58:07 CST 2023

Management, is undoubtedly the 21st century, all enterprises must face serious problems. Management is excellent, the enterprise is naturally strong. Management loopholes, enterprise profits can not be improved, natural can not long-term development.

The characteristics of the mold manufacturing industry determine the special nature of mold enterprise management. Orders random, product quality, delivery time can not be controlled, engineering, design, production of various aspects can not be controlled in real time, the problems of each link are endless ...... a series of problems caused by mold enterprise product quality, delivery time, cost and other problems are difficult to solve.

Mold for single production, there is dependence on specific users, each mold products are relatively complex, processing procedures, high unit price, mold is provided in accordance with the product order, according to user requirements for innovation and modification of the combination of design, to the user installation and commissioning of products throughout the process of continuous modification and adjustment, its timely monitoring is more important, which requires mold processing equipment, measuring equipment, has its Special requirements.

With the development of computer information technology, changing the way people do things and business management model. E-commerce, virtual enterprises, dynamic alliances, agile supply and demand chain and other new management models continue to emerge. In order to win in such a competitive environment and achieve sustainable development, mold enterprises must make full use of information technology, optimize the use of enterprise resources, respond quickly to customer demand, minimize production cycle, and strictly control cost, quality and delivery time in order to improve the resilience, innovation and economic efficiency of enterprises. The current key development direction of mold manufacturing is the three-dimensional mold design, analysis and manufacturing, mold software function integration, network, intelligent, mold production without drawings, single-piece high-precision parallel processing, less humanized unmanned processing.Mold manufacturing workshop

How can mold enterprises solve these problems, mold management software is undoubtedly the best choice. For Chinese mold enterprises tricky problems, mold management software can provide excellent solutions, can expand the business information space of enterprises without limit, so that business activities and business information can be separated. Driven by the order, the original irreconcilable contradiction of concentration on fragmentation can be solved. Through technical information means, enterprises can integrate internal resources and realize the centralization, unification and effective allocation of resources; through "collaborative design", "collaborative manufacturing" and "customer relationship management Through "collaborative design", "collaborative manufacturing" and "customer relationship management", enterprises can cross the boundary of internal resources and realize the effective organization and management of the whole supply chain, thus making the operation of mold enterprises in a virtuous cycle.

Digital Workshop Technology

Digital workshop is the core unit of mold manufacturing, by continuously improving digital manufacturing capability and digital collaboration level, establishing a fully digital integrated application environment, using advanced information technology, starting from intelligent networking of workshop CNC equipment and work stations, through digital manufacturing process design and production and operation information (including production planning, manufacturing data management, operation scheduling management, processing process control and Quality monitoring), until the site production status data information collection and processing, to achieve from the workshop production management, production planning management, manufacturing resource management and distribution, site management and quality assurance and other functional departments between the management integration. To shorten the product manufacturing cycle, improve the efficiency of the integrated application of CNC, improve the rapid response capability of mold structure manufacturing, to achieve high dynamics, high productivity, high quality and low cost of digital manufacturing of mold products.

Refinement Management

Standardization can be copied, but refinement is difficult to copy, which requires mold enterprises to have excellent management and efficient execution. The barcode technology is used to track the whole production process of moulds from material production to finished product warehousing, and collect all events occurring in the production process in real time, so that the moulds become clear and transparent in the whole production process; it can quickly find out the reasons for quality problems, formulate targeted measures to solve quality bottlenecks and realize mould quality traceability; by changing the original manual entry process, it can achieve accurate, timely and fast data Feedback, to avoid human input errors, and more importantly, to make the mold site production staff focus on business operations and improve efficiency. In the future planning of the enterprise, MES can also provide advanced technology reserve for automotive mold enterprises to realize integrated mold design and manufacturing, and support enterprises to implement lean production and refine management.

Informatization of technical system

Mold enterprise informatization construction mainly includes the informatization of technical system and the informatization of management system.

The informatization of technical system is mainly the application of mold CAD/CAE/CAM technology to realize the informatization or digitalization of mold design and manufacturing process.

Management informatization

The mold enterprise is a typical order-oriented single-piece multi-species production enterprise. Due to the randomness of orders, product diversity, experience-dependent design and manufacturing, frequent changes, and uncertainty of trial and repair, the production situation of molds is complex and changeable, and the whole production process is difficult to be effectively managed and controlled, so management informatization is also pushed to a new level. Some of the existing ERP systems, even SAP, Oracle and other internationally renowned large ERP system providers do not have excellent solutions, it is difficult to meet the above requirements of the production management of mold enterprises, the need for mold production characteristics, to provide specialized solutions.

Many mold enterprises in the technical system of information technology has been conscious of improving their own level, but in the management of information technology has not been enough attention, many stay in the manual production scheduling, production schedule management with Excel, production capacity simply can not judge, the customer's commitment to the delivery date simply can not be achieved and other primary stage; even many large and medium-sized enterprises also did not pay enough attention to this.