How to grasp the production and processing time of making plastic moulds

Tue Apr 18 15:10:03 CST 2023

How long does it take to process plastic moulds? This is not a problem that can be solved in the same day, but by taking into full consideration all key factors, such as the difficulty factor of production and processing of product varieties, the customer's corporate product standards, the performance of raw materials and the starting quantity of their moulds, i.e. the number of open moulds. The cycle time for plastic mould processing and production methods is calculated scientifically and is not just a big number that can be reported to the customer at will. This is still critically dependent on the complexity of the design, specifications, precision, total requirements and performance of the enterprise's products.Plastic moulds (printer moulds)

1, product variety: is the customer to show the plastic parts trial construction difficulty factor, usually can also be understood in that way: the more complex the style of plastic parts, the greater the production method mould shell difficulty factor. From a technical point of view, the more the plastic parts are fractal surface, assembly bit, buckle bit, hole bit, tendon bit, the more the production processing difficulty coefficient is associated with the more big, different, the mould production time will also be associated with the Ting long. In general, the more complex the mould design, the lower the quality will be, the greater the production and processing difficulty factor, the more difficult the points are, and the slower the actual effect of the final product.

2, enterprise product specifications: Yes, the larger the specifications, the cycle time of plastic mould processing will also be associated with longer. The length of production and processing of spare parts associated with it will also be longer.

3, enterprise product standards: different customers' standards for enterprise products are certainly different, the design scheme out of the appearance of the surface is sub-surface or glossy or mirror surface, which all affect the plastic mould production method cycle time.

4, enterprise product raw material performance: often our enterprise product has special requirements, the mould steel standard and its processing process standard is also different, for example, we have done PC plus ceramic mould shell, plus ceramic purpose is insulation fire, usually used in led lighting. For example, we have done PC plus ceramic mould shells, plus ceramic purpose is insulation and fire, usually used in led lighting. The standard of mould shells is different, mould shells need to be hardened, hardened precision grinder secondary CNC, subsequent production and processing links will be more difficult, naturally will be more time consuming, there are some mould shells standard anti-corrosion or soft rubber mould shells, the standard will be different, manufacturing and processing process will be more complex.

5: the cavity of the shell: that is to say a set of shell has several cavities, a set of mould production out of several enterprise products, depending on the customer enterprise product market is big or not, do two enterprise products and an enterprise product is certainly a difference, production and processing time will also be different. Normally, new products because the market has not been completely open, the market for the enterprise product requirements are not so large, this time the number of injection moulds do not need so many cavities, and can ensure that the market supply, the cost is relatively higher. Of course, after the market for the enterprise's products has matured, the number of cavities in the mould must be increased, and that depends on the market demand to determine whether to make changes in the number of cavities, in order to feedback the market demand.