How to correctly process stamped hardware parts?

Tue Apr 11 14:52:02 CST 2023

Hardware stamping parts are a common metal processing parts in the metal material processing, machinery and equipment manufacturing industry, and their applications are also very wide, including automotive, electronic, medical equipment and other precision industries. Stamping dies, stamping machinery and equipment and stamping raw materials are the three elements of processing, the following we say the processing characteristics of hardware stamping parts embodied:Hardware stamping accessories

1, stamping is generally no cutting edge material, consume less raw materials, and also do not use other heating equipment, so it is a kind of processing method that both calculates material and environmental protection and energy saving, and the cost of stamping parts is lower.

2. In the case of stamping processing, the service life of the moulds is longer because the moulds ensure the precision of the specifications and appearance design of the stamped parts, and they do not easily destroy the process performance of the stamped parts!

3, hardware stamping parts have a high processing production efficiency, and the actual operation is simple and convenient, very easy to complete automation technology, mechanical automation. This reason is stamping rely on stamping machine equipment and stamping die to carry out the processing, relative general press stroke arrangement frequency generally can do dozens of times per minute, and for Kor speed working pressure, can reach a thousand strokes per minute, and each stamping stroke can produce a stamping parts, production efficiency is high.