How to choose a die casting machine when producing die casting parts?

Mon Jan 09 16:30:31 CST 2023

In actual production is not every die-casting machine can meet the die-casting various products products, but must be selected according to the specific situation, generally should be

From the following two aspects to consider:

1) according to different varieties and batch selection In the organization of multi-variety, small batch production,

generally to use the hydraulic system System is simple, adaptable, can quickly adjust the die-casting machine, in When organizing the mass production of less varieties, we should choose the high-efficiency die-casting machine equipped with various mechanized and Automatic control mechanism of high efficiency die-casting machine; for a single variety of mass Production of a large number of castings of a single variety of special die-casting machine.

2) According to the casting structure and process parameters selection

Casting shape inch, weight, wall thickness and other parameters have an important impact on the choice of die-casting machine.Casting weight (including pouring system and overflow tank) should not exceed the die-casting The rated capacity of the die-casting machine, but not too small, so as not to cause the die-casting Machine work string of waste. General die-casting machine rated capacity can check the manual Die-casting machine have a certain maximum and smallest distance, so the die thickness Thickness and casting height to have a certain limit, if the die-casting type thickness or casting If the die-casting thickness or the height of the casting is too big, it may not be able to take the casting.